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Workplace coaching for everyone

We’ve made corporate coaching affordable so that everyone in your organisation. From board and executive to management, teams and professionals can always access new ways of thinking, new skills change, well being and getting work done.

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About us

Our vision

To become the Asia Pacific leading professional development coaching provider for ALL employees

Our mission

To be the most accessible and impactful coaching solution for companies and individuals wanting to build, transition or expand capability and skills for their workplace now and in the future.

Our story

Sharon spent many years in the ever-changing world of finance, managing a boutique executive search and recruitment business. Through conversations with CEO’s and business heads, she also witnessed the impact of good coaching and how leaders learnt to modify to improve their relationships with teams and their people.

Sharon has seen first hand, an industry experiencing structural decline and the impact it can have on people (herself included) at all levels within an organisation. As a result, Sharon has taken a keen interest in the future of work, in particular, upskilling and life long learning.

While there are many facets to upskilling, we believe that one on one coaching can help to amplify organisational leadership and professional development initiatives to support your investment and secure greater success.

We also want quality professional development and leadership coaching accessible to all because we have also seen the positive impact it can have on people in the workforce.

Our team

Meet our leaders

Sharon Mackie

Sharon Mackie Goh

Founder and Learner

Sharon is responsible for ensuring we are delivering the best features and content to our members. She is also actively involved in working with existing and new partners of Colarity. Through her extensive years of experience in running an executive search and recruitment business, Sharon spent much time, coaching executives on their careers, as well as working with senior management on strategies associated with talent acquisition and management.

Tim Sprague

Tim Sprague

Head of Coaching

Tim is responsible for ensuring the quality of the tools and the coaches we partner with are delivering content and advice that makes a difference. He is a registered psychologist with over 25 years of experience working in HR and 12 years as an HR Director. Tim holds a Bachelor degree in Science, and Honours in Psychology, a Masters of Commerce in HR Studies, and Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology.

Phil Martin

Phil Martin


Phil is a qualified Enterprise Architect and has extensive senior management, scrum mastering, and delivery management experience. He has a history of delivering projects and partnering with businesses to ensure their success, through his software agency. He has worked at multiple levels across the IT Development hierarchy, from board member, to CIO, to architect, and scrum master and developer, and believes in constant learning and adaptation being the keys to success. He holds a Bachelor of Technology, in Information and Communication systems.

We’re committed to a better future

Pledge 1% is dedicated to changing the world through inspiring early-stage corporate philanthropy. Colarity is proud to be on board with this fantastic initiative.

Founded by the likes of Salesforce, Atlassian and Rally, Pledge 1% encourages organisations, companies, investors, entrepreneurs, executives and individuals to donate 1% of their equity, time, product or profit to charity.

Pledge 1% is dedicated
leadership for the future

Colarity uses an online portal that facilitates and delivers high-quality coaching at scale. We can help you align organisational culture, develop your leaders and roll out the skills and emotional competencies needed by your people to succeed at the click of a button. Our coaching facilitates the enhancement of goal attainment, performance, self-directed learning and personal growth. By helping people to adopt new mindsets and behaviours in a guided way, they benefit personally and professionally.

Ready for professional development that will make a difference to your people?