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Frequently asked questions

Coaching is a strategic process that involves working one-on-one with a professional development coach. At Colarity, this happens online so you can do it whenever and wherever suits. We use a 3rd party assessment tool to help you gain insight into your strengths so there is common communication.

Throughout the process, your coach will ask lots of questions — some of them quite challenging. The idea is to give your coach a thorough understanding of what’s going for you, how you’re interacting with your team, are there areas to improve, what challenges are you facing from a work perspective, what would you like to be better at, etc. Of course, all of this is kept confidential.

Coaching can be useful for people at all different career stages, but you’ll reap maximum rewards if you’re:

  • Serious about your professional development
  • Receptive to feedback (even if it’s not what you want to hear)
  • Willing to be honest in all coaching discussions
  • Open to trying new ways of thinking and behaving
  • Committed to completing any homework your coach gives you.

We take a ‘self-directed learning’ approach to all our coaching. This means you’re encouraged to take ownership of your own development. You and your coach will discuss different approaches you might like think about and try in your workplace, and then you go and use them. In your next coaching session, you discuss what you tried, what worked, what could be improved, and you continue to learn by using different strategies in your workplace.

Organisations have the flexibility in the number of coaching sessions they purchase in order for them to meet budgets. We offer packages of, 6 8 and 12 coaching sessions of 1 hour each, plus a debrief session. For best results, however, we suggest a minimum of 6 hours of coaching. We think you should meet with your coach every 2-3
Each coaching program focuses on experiential learning, so you’ll be putting into practice what you learn and reporting back to your coach to discuss what was successful and what needs refining. This approach enables you to develop new work habits throughout the program.

No. Our online digital platform means that you can work with one of our experienced leadership coaches from anywhere in the world, to help you transform your career.

The cost of our programs vary, as it will depend upon the length and content of each program. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs

Our coaches are selected against stringent criteria and all of them have been chosen for their industry experience and their coaching track record. They are all accredited through ICL and most have a degree or Masters qualification from a social science discipline.

Coaching and mentoring are often used interchangeably but they are two different things.

Mentors are successful people who act as advisors by sharing their wisdom, providing insights, and offering guidance on any number of things, usually as the need arises. They don’t necessarily have experience in the same field as their mentee. A mentor/mentee relationship can last on and off, for decades.

Coaches are trained and certified and are engaged to work through specific issues and challenges, by creating specific outcomes for their clients.

The sponsor and organisation do not have access to any conversation that you have with your coach as they are strictly confidential. However, once you have completed your sessions, we do offer 3-way feedback discussion around the outcome of your coaching experience.

Please contact us so we can begin the process of discussing the needs of your people and organisation, in order for us to design a coaching program just for you.

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